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The Hope Charter

Nugent has joined Church leaders across Merseyside and beyond in backing a faith led campaign to put the protection of services to the vulnerable at the heart of the election campaign. The Hope Charter affirms social care as a basic human right and calls for the protection of services to the vulnerable.

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Born out of conversations in Liverpool, The Hope Charter movement is gathering support across the country with church leaders pledging support for its aims and values. Organisers want this to be a grassroots movement that builds support for the charter’s five main principles.

  • The protection and provision of services to the vulnerable as a key expression of who we are
  • An affirmation of social care as a recognition of human dignity
  • A declaration that regional or economic discrepancy in service provision to the vulnerable is unacceptable
  • A call for a long term approach to funding and taxation placing human dignity above political expediency
  • A call for steps to improve conditions for carers and care workers

Church leaders urge social care to be at the heart of the election campaign

You can be involved in this campaign. You can visit the website –The Hope Charter and join the numbers signing the charter. You can promote it to your local candidates making sure they are aware of the principles. You can make your voting decisions based on who you think is following, or will follow the principles of the Hope Charter.

The Hope Charter organisers want all politicians of all parties to sign up to what they believe are common sense principles of dignity and decency.

You can also join The Hope Charter Thunderclap

Thunderclap is like a social media flash mob, or a massive scheduled social post. All you have to do is sign up to have the Hope Charter message published to your social account on May 29 at 9:00am.

Click on the link below to join on twitter or facebook, it’s really easy!

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