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Nugent’s CEO responds to Boris Johnson’s comments about care homes.

Press release 08/07/20

‘Social care staff and providers are heroes too’, says Nugent’s CEO in response to Boris Johnson’s comments about care homes this week.

‘Boris blaming care home providers for Covid-19 deaths is divisive, short-sighted and demonstrates a lack of understanding of this highly regulated sector.’ says Normandie Wragg, Nugent’s CEO.

‘At Nugent, we have been caring for approximately 200 people during this pandemic, and we are very proud to say we have come through this with no infections and no deaths, at this time. This has been achieved through the hard work and dedication of our staff, supported by a robust incident management structure that we implemented immediately.

Whilst this has not been the same experience of all my care colleagues, I know that the majority have come through this crisis with very low or no infections and deaths. And I don’t think for one moment that those who experienced loss have been less caring, concerned, or conscientious about the people they care for or their attention to the constantly changing guidance issued by the Government.

Across the sector, we have stepped up to deliver continued care, maintain safety, and ensure our staff followed the guidelines. Our regulators, Care Quality Commission, and the Local Authority have provided immense support, helping us to protect those in our care during this time. We managed our supplies of PPE and ensured our staff teams had what they needed.

It is very probable that there will be a second peak. This virus has not gone away. Now is the time to pull together and support each other to ensure we protect our staff and those in our care.

What we need now, rather than criticism of our sector, is a review of funding for statutory beds, particularly in deprived areas of the country. Cuts from Central Government are putting huge pressure on the resources for adult health and social care of Local Authorities like Liverpool, and it is through careful management of resource and collaborative working with our Local Authorities, and Care Quality Commission, that we have been able to maintain high standards of care.

‘Providers and their staff are heroes, just as much as our NHS colleagues. They have earned that respect. Give it to them.

Normandie Wragg

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