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Strictly Nugent 2018 gallery

Strictly Nugent 2018 is over, and what a fabulous night it was…

A big thank you for the photographs to Mark Tipton from Tipton Photography. St George’s Hall looking stunning! Vicky Jaycock and Ben Manuel, bring us all their fun and energy, dancing the Jive. Paul Evans and Laura Connolly, presenting, for the first time in Strictly Nugent, a Paso Doble.

Wendy Ewbank and Stephen Myers, dancing the Cha Cha Cha.

Ashleigh Evans and James Wilson, for the first time in Strictly Nugent, dancing the American Smooth.

Mylo Kaye and Natalie Curry, dancing the Cha Cha Cha.Edna Flores Panambo and Anton Du Cooke, Dancing Cha Cha Cha. 

Richard Smith and Gill Orrett, dancing the Samba.

Sarah Johnson and Matt Lane, dancing the Lindy Hop.

Father Conor and Amanda Richmond, dancing Argentine Tango.  Our hosts – Helen Jones and Ben Osu, with the Judges trying to upstage them. Our Judges took their roles very seriously. The Judges Award Winners, Jane Caven and Mike Manning dancing to the Quickstep. Natalie Flynn and Angel Alvaredo Alvarez, dancing Salsa. Our hosts Helen and Ben, with the Judges: Deputy Lord Mayor, Cllr Peter Brennan, MDI Director, Karen Gallagher, Sponsor Lynbrook’s Director Ian Morgan and Nugent CEO, Normandie Wragg.   The Hosts and Judges with their guests. Guests from Commercial Contract Engineers. Guests from our sponsors Lynbrook, without whom, Strictly Nugent 2018 would not be possible, so a big thank you to them for the continued support!

Meet Ashleigh Evans

“I was asked if I would be willing to dance in Strictly after someone dropped out.   It didn’t take much consideration, and  I joined the strictly Nugent team.

I have just 4 little weeks to master the ‘American Smooth’! But it is for a fantastic charity, so let’s give it a try.

Whilst working full time, starting my own business AND finishing my teaching qualifications, I’m fitting in my dance lessons.

My dad is also competing, so the night shall be very interesting, let the family dance off commence!”

Ashleigh and her professional partner James Wilson are dancing the American Smooth.

See Ashleigh’s training video – Youtube

Sponsor Ashleigh

You can follow Ashliegh’s training in the weeks to come on our social media.

Meet Richard Smith

Rich is the Business Engagement Manager for Liverpool & Sefton Chamber of Commerce.

“I’ve developed an unfortunate habit of saying ‘yes’ to anything and everything in recent times. A suspiciously opportune time for me to run into Zoe at Nugent for the first time, don’t you think? Haha! Anyway, I tend to find that this strategy works out in my favour about 80% of the time! So long may it that continue… I think.

I’ve had the privilege of meeting people, young and old, who have had their lives positively impacted by the brilliant work that Nugent does. So, with this in mind, it is an absolute pleasure to hit the dancefloor donned in whatever ridiculous costume is required and shake what little talent I was blessed with in support of this fantastic charity!”

Richard and his professional partner, Gill Orrett are dancing the Samba

See Richard’s training video – Youtube

Sponsor Richard

You can follow Richard’s training in the weeks to come on our social media.

Meet Jane Caven

“I signed up to Strictly Nugent on Friday 13 July but, far from that being a bad omen, I think it is one of the best pieces of luck I’ve ever had.  To be able to take part in such a great fundraising event at the same time as learning to dance… well, what’s not to like?

Admittedly, this is going to be a challenge for me (and my professional partner!).  I have literally never danced before and have left it a bit late in life to learn but, hey- ho!

Actually, that’s not quite true, back in Primary school I did try to join the Scottish Country Dancing troupe but, when the teacher had to chalk L and R on my black plimsolls, I had to bow to the inevitable.

It’s unlikely that I will ever run a marathon or bake amazing cakes but, I can have a crack at dancing and with the kind support and generosity of friends and acquaintances, together we can share our good fortune with some people who need it most.”

Jane and her professional partner Mike Manning are dancing the Quickstep.

See Jane’s training video – Youtube

Sponsor Jane

You’ll be able to hear more from Jane as she starts learning her dance moves.

Meet Wendy Ewbank

“Dancing has always been something that I have enjoyed watching, even as a child when we would visit my grandparents in Blackpool and occasionally visit the Tower Ballroom and watch the dancers. This resulted in my sister and I joining a local dance school as a teenager and also how I met my husband of 41 years Phil.

To be asked to take part in Strictly Nugent 2018 seemed like a great idea – especially as I was asked at a rugby match after two glasses of Prosecco! I must admit, it also makes me a little nervous.

I’m looking forward to the event and the lead-up; to be dancing in the Great Hall at St George’s Hall is an honour. I have the support of friends and family but especially my two children and their partners as well as my teenage granddaughter Madison.”

Wendy and professional partner Stephen Myers are dancing the Cha Cha Cha.

See Wendy’s training video – Youtube

Sponsor Wendy

You’ll be able to hear more from Wendy as she starts learning her dance moves.

Meet Father Conor Stainton-Polland

Father Conor is the parish priest of St. Matthew’s and St. Cecilia’s parishes in Liverpool and sometime contributor to BBC Merseyside’s Daybreak programme with Helen Jones.

“Ever said ‘anything I can do to help let me know?‘ Yeah, I did. Now I’m watching online videos of the Argentine Tango hoping the pope will allow the first word to forgive the second!

I also have an alter ego, Elvis Priestly, who’s performed for various charities over the last thirty years. I’m hoping he’ll lend me his kick flares for those tango spins.

Nugent helps so many through so much darkness I hope we can all give so much on the night to add some sparkle to those shadows.”

Father Conor and his professional partner Amanda Richmond are dancing the Argentine Tango.

See Father Conor’s training video – Youtube

Sponsor Fr Conor

You can follow Fr Conor’s training in the weeks to come on our social media.

Meet Beth Pinches

Beth is the Activities Co-ordinator at Nugent’s Margaret Roper House in Birkdale.

“Having worked in a few roles for Nugent over the past 6 or 7 years I know the value of the work that we do and how it is constantly jeopardised by cuts to funding and budgets.

In my opinion, everyone deserves to feel safe and cared for and every day that is the service that the support network of Nugent provides.

If getting my two left feet to start dancing to the same tune can help to raise some funds and in turn maintain the high standards of care for our service users then I will gladly give it a go!! I am hoping that after this event I’ll have picked up a few moves I can pass down to my residents who are usually easy to persuade into a boogie!”

Beth and her professional partner Helen Maguire are dancing the Charleston

See Beth’s training video – Youtube

Sponsor Beth

You’ll be able to hear more from Beth as she starts learning her dance moves.

Meet Edna Flores Panambo

Edna is a Ward Manager at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital.

“I learned about the event from colleagues as The Royal has had a contestant in each of the previous two years! I have taken part in runs and abseils for charities in the past and hope to raise much needed funds for Nugent. I used to dance back home in the Philippines.”

See Edna’s training video – Youtube

Sponsor Edna

You’ll be able to hear more from Edna as she starts learning her dance moves.

Meet Sarah Johnson

Sarah is a Governing Body member for Nugent.

“I am a Public Sector director by background and really enjoy spending my time supporting Nugent. For me, this just isn’t sat around the boardroom table it’s about getting active and understanding what our communities need from Nugent. If this means dancing to one of my favourite tunes then bring it on!”

Sponsor Sarah

You can follow Sarah’s training over the coming weeks as the excitement builds across our social media channels.

Meet Paul Evans

Paul is the owner of Evans MOT Centre in Huyton.

Paul loves a challenge.  The 52-year-old father of 4 and grandad of 2 normally keeps himself active with Karate. However, he will be exchanging his Gi for his dancing gear and stepping out into the unknown as a contestant in Strictly Nugent 2018.

Paul and professional partner Laura Connolly are dancing a Paso Doble.

See Paul’s training video – Youtube

Sponsor Paul

You can follow Paul’s training in the weeks to come on our social media.

Meet Natalie Flynn

Natalie is the Creative Learning Manager at the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

“I’m thrilled to be taking part in Strictly Nugent this year, and I have to admit, more than a little nervous! As a youngster, I enjoyed taking part in dance classes but now my ballroom experience is restricted to watching from the sofa on a Saturday evening like everyone else!

I’m much more at home walking the dog in waterproofs than tripping the light fantastic in a ball gown, so it’ll be interesting to see how this goes! During the day I work with people of all ages in the community, so Strictly Nugent looks like it’ll be putting me in the spotlight rather than my groups for once!

Nugent is a brilliant charity based here in Liverpool, and I’m delighted to have the chance to raise some much-valued funds for them.”

See Natalie’s training video – Youtube

Sponsor Natalie

You can follow Natalie’s training over the coming weeks as the excitement builds across our social media channels.

Meet Mylo Kaye

Originally from the Wirral, Mylo Kaye is the Chief Executive Officer of Pledge, a charity which believes that no person should live in poverty in Greater Manchester.

Mylo attended Strictly Nugent last year, “I was blown away by the energy and excitement in the room. The dancers and their partners really wowed the audience and knowing that I could not dance, so I thought I would come again this year, to watch.

Safe to say, that’s now not the case as I was pursued by one of the Nugent team to get my dancing shoes ready and take part in this year’s dance off. I’m naturally competitive, so I’m already eyeing up the competition and seeing who I may be looking to beat in the final.

Nugent is a fantastic charity to support, so I’m looking forward to raising lots of donations for their wonderful projects, including their homeless project which is very close to my heart because of my own experience of being homeless.”

Mylo and his professional partner Natalie Curry are dancing the Cha Cha Cha.

See Mylo’s training videos – Youtube

Sponsor Mylo

You can follow Mylo’s training in the weeks to come on our social media.

Meet Vicky Jaycock.

Vicky works for Liverpool Football Club as Sales Manager – New Business – Hospitality and says:

“I’m completely out of my comfort zone with this challenge! but I’m looking forward turning my attention from footballs to glitter balls, and now I’m over my initial nerves I am 100% committed to raising money for Nugent.”

Vicky will be dancing with Ben Manuel but has yet to decide the dance style she’ll be learning.

“I’m a passionate city girl and can’t wait to don my dancing shoes and perform in front of friends and family, colleagues and peers in October!”

Sponsor Vicky

You’ll be able to hear more from Vicky as she starts learning her dance moves.

We’ll be bringing you videos of the dancers in training and hearing from them about how they are getting on.

Follow us on social media to keep up with our dancers journey’s.


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