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Sarah Johnson

I am Member of the Governing Body for Nugent and my role is to support and guide the organisation to be the best it can be.
This means advising on and discussing difficult decisions as well as celebrating our success.

Another part of my role is to ensure that the reputation of the organisation is as best as it can be, this means I represent the brand and the value of the organisation in my everyday life not only when I attend meeting or services. I am big fan of people development and I always take a keen interest in the development of staff and the organisation as a whole.

Overall I offer my expertise, skills and insight for the benefit of the vulnerable people we serve.

My role in six words:

Listening, guiding and supporting great work.

Highlights in one sentence:

One of my highlights was seeing the CQC dashboard ‘all green’
and I am sure we will get there again. Another highlight was
stepping out on the dance floor at St George’s Hall for Strictly
Nugent 2018.

Not many people know:

that I’m a qualified Silversmith.

My favourite possession:

is my garden.

My hero/heroine…
George Mallory

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