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Sue Halliday

After 12 years in the position of QA Support Officer I felt that I needed to push myself, which is why I applied for the position of Management Information Analyst to cover Emma Lawton’s maternity leave.

There is a lot to learn in this new role and I have ‘hit the ground running’ as they say. It is challenging getting into the intricacies of CareSys but I am really enjoying that challenge so far.

I really enjoy working with people, so am looking forward to helping people to use CareSys effectively, which is where my teaching background will come in useful.

Describe your job in 6 words:

Challenging, steep learning curve, interesting, enjoyable.

Highlights in one sentence:

When someone asks me a difficult question and I manage to come up with a meaningful answer … it’s still early days.

One thing no one knows about me:

I’m shy … really, honestly I am painfully shy!!

Favourite possession:

I’ve thought long and hard about this one and I don’t think I have one. Possessions can be replaced…..

My heroine:

Elizabeth I

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