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Key Information

  • Who is it for?

    Boys and girls aged 7-19

  • Providing Help With:

    social, emotional, behavioural and academic development of children.

  • Located:

    Freshfield, Merseyside.

  • Website and social media:

    Website: clarencehighschool.org

    Twitter: @weareclarence

    Facebook: weareclarence


Clarence High School

Clarence High School provides educational day placements in a therapeutic setting for girls and boys aged 7-19 years old, with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and who may also experience associated difficulties, including those on the autistic spectrum.


‘Life Long Learning’ is central to all that we do, ensuring that our pupils are being fully equipped educationally, emotionally and morally for the challenges they face now and preparing them for life’s future challenges.

‘Last year’s school leavers gained a good range of accreditations and every student moved on to further education.’ (Most recent Ofsted report.)

Clarence High School is a successful school that makes sure that all children and young people make great progress. The school harbours a therapeutic ethos which informs all interactions with the children and young people. The relationships we nurture with students, parents and carers are second to none, constantly updating and working closely with a range of professionals through multi-agency partnerships to ensure that each child’s needs are fully understood and met.


Parents and carers consistently report their admiration, at annual reviews and meetings, of the support that is available to their children and young people and the positive changes they see in their children and young people in the course of their time with us, educationally, emotionally and behaviourally.

‘Students, parents and carers are rightly pleased with the quality of education provided’. (Most recent Ofsted report.)


Every child is respected and treated with dignity and their achievements are celebrated. Our dedicated staff have a wealth of experience in meeting pupils’ learning, pastoral and developmental needs. We have high expectations and aspirations for all and as a result children and young people are aware of what is needed to be a positive and supportive member of our school community.

‘Students are highly valued as individuals. Consequently, they develop high levels of confidence and self-esteem and this empowers them to achieve well.’ (Most recent Ofsted report.)


We aim to create a secure, caring environment where children and young people can achieve academically and personally while developing respect and concern for others. At Clarence High School we recognise that providing opportunities for teamwork and leadership can play an important role in shaping the career and future of young people. Our lessons, assemblies, keyworker sessions and our daily interactions with children and young people and one another promote this and qualities are recognised as being as much about encouraging others and being part of a team as taking the lead in a situation or activity.

‘Excellent relationships promoted by adults’ (Most recent Ofsted report.)

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